Car-pooling major FolksVagn forge alliance with Hindustan Times for Green Gurgaon Campaign

FolksVagn, a dynamic and India’s largest car-pooling service for corporates has collaborated with Hindustan Times’ ‘Green Gurgaon’ campaign as their car-pooling partner, according to a statement. The campaign which started in mid of January this year is all about spreading the green message among the corporates. One of the components of the campaign is following the idea of car-pooling to save fuel, pollution, traffic and hence, saving the environment.
Being their car-pooling partners, FolksVagn promotes the idea of going green in Delhi/NCR. Car-pooling to be rightly practised in India needs a formal system where the whole community can be connected through a single platform, keeping in mind each individual’s needs and their flexibility. FolksVagn provides that convenient option for the corporates that eases their lives. Through the Green Gurgaon campaign, FolksVagn has successfully been able to influence hundreds of people to register, who have already started using their service. The system is thereby playing a big role towards serving the nature by effectively reducing the traffic, saving parking spaces, reducing fuel cost, and stress for passengers and most importantly increasing safety for passengers. It is a much safer, convenient and economical option.
FolksVagn has already added thousands of members to its database in the first 2-3 quarters, with hundreds of users using the system daily. The system has successfully managed to associate with huge corporates and plan to actively participate in green campaigns in many other corporate hubs, where there are more than 50,000 cars on a daily basis, and where their service can hugely contributing in reducing the traffic by around 75 percent.
Launched on November 13, 2012 FolksVagn is a dynamic ‘car-pooling system’  that helps one share their travel with friends, colleagues or other like-minded people. Each user is verified and there is an automated payment system from the passenger to driver. FolksVagn allows flexibility of time and co-travellers, and basically supports two kinds of users- passengers and drivers. One can also connect with FolksVagn on Web, Apps and SMS.


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