HITA to organise mega music concert in Leh Ladakh in July 2014

During the July 2014 Kalachakra in Ladakh, HITA Music Agency (Himalayan International Traditional Arts) will be organising a mega concert for four days, inviting all the prominent and young artistes of Himalayan living in different countries to be part of the show.
All music genres, from folk to fusion to pop to rock and roll, will be performed during the four days of the concert. Three days will be dedicated for solo and duet artistes, and one day will be for the rock bands. There will be prominent artistes such as Jhola Techung, Tibetan Internationally renown folk and freedom singer, Prashant Tamang, former Indian Idol winner, Nima Rumba,The popular Nepali musician and actor, Dechen Zang, the top pop singer of Bhutan and also India’s most popular rock band Parikrama, JJI Exile Brothers from McLeod Ganj and Dharma Bums, US based band to be perform for the concert.
Jhola Techung, Tibetan popular folk and freedom singer and song writer says: “I support HITA’s work. Through their love of traditional and contemporary music and culture, HITA has brought about a platform for various talented artists from the rich Himalayan musical traditions. Music brings community together. I am honoured to be part of HITA’s upcoming 2014 Kalachakra concert in Ladakh. I ask everyone to join in and wish them success”.
Nima Rumba, Popular Nepali Singer and Actor, adds: “It’s really nice to know HITA and my pleasure to see their great job of bringing together all the Himalayan Artists and giving them a platform of a different level , It’s my great honour to be part of upcoming grand event Kalachakra Concert 2014 In Ladakh. Thank you so much, I’m very excited for it, all the best”.
HITA is a new Himalayan music agency with its main office in Japan,  HITA aims to provide platforms and stage opportunities for musicians from the Himalayan region. HITA was formed with primarily goals to appreciate and acknowledge Himalayan artistes and to promote Himalayan artistes.


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