SPF Sons India launch JASS perfume in Chennai available in sachets

SFP Sons India Private Limited, a leading manufacturer and exporter of perfumes, cosmetics and attars launched an easy to use perfume spray named ‘JASS’ for both men and women. The perfume is available in sachets of 2ml, very similar to shampoo sachets and offers 75 sprays, according to a company statement.
The Brand focuses on all age groups irrespective of categories. The JASS sachet is available at recharge shops as this is one place regularly visited by their customers, where they can not only recharge their phones but also their relationships. The distribution point has an accompanying signage saying ‘Rishtey ka Recharge’ to make it easily recognized for its consumers and connect with them on an emotional level.
Dinesh Patel, Managing Director, SPF said: “Perfume is a vehicle of dreams and aspirations – it conveys emotions, dreams, aspirations, this fragrance appeals to men and women for whom ethical values are very important. For every purchase decision an important criterion is cost and quality, I believe this product will satisfy the people across the globe”.
Caught in the daily rush, one usually forgets to cherish what is truly important- relationships with loved ones. All what one needs is a little something to rekindle the passion. The delightful fragrance of JASS reignites and restores the warmth that makes life more beautiful and helps one in connecting with every form of expressions- emotions, dreams and aspirations.
Price- Rs 20 for 2 ml sachet. Availability- All leading retail outlets in Chennai. SFP Sons India Pvt Ltd was founded by Dinesh in the year 1992 with the vision of ‘Bringing Fragrance to Life’. SFP Sons manufactures high quality perfumes, attars, essential oils and body care products and makes them available all over the world at affordable prices. Its manufacturing facility is spread over 100,000 square feet with a well equipped R&D laboratory and employs over 400+ people. With a network of more than 750 distributors and hundreds of sales force, SFP Sons reaches to every nook and corner of the world. SFP Son’s strong infrastructure, SAP controlled organisational processes and modern facilities helps every process and product of SFP fulfill its brand promise and mantra – Bringing Fragrance to Life. SFP Sons product portfolio ranges from high quality attars, perfumes, essential oils, body care products to home fragrance solutions. For details visit sfpsons.com.


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