Alchemy De Luxe: Poonam Gupta offers lifestyle brands using 14th century crafts in contemporary style

Alchemy de luxe, a brand name conceptualised by Poonam Gupta is one of the renowned names to give your houses the essence of luxury. The designer par excellence, Poonam is a renowned name in the design industry. Poonam is on a roll for 25 years and has given various national and international luxury lifestyle brands a taste of her signature.  Dynamic in her approach the ardent businesswoman, whose creativity has not only reflected her cutting edge design sense, has also enriched her ambitious business instinct.
Visionary outlook

A visionary in her outlook as an entrepreneur specialised in marketing and international trade, Poonam creates a rare niche for her brand ‘Alchemy De Luxe’ portraying the fascination for forms and shapes and eye for quality. Behind the roaring real silver smithing company is the versatility through customisation catering to the crème de la crème of the country.
Gifts galore
Apart from the tableware the brand also glistens your personal space with their hand carved metal curtain, silver temple, chic door handles and anything which can be reincarnated with silver, silver plated, copper and bronze.
With a strong base in Delhi and a world of extensive experience in area of technology, design, silver and gold smithing, Poonam has been adulated with awards for her contribution. Names which have been beautified with her spell include Aman Hotels, Adani, Punj Lloyd, ITC Hospitality, Acme Telepower and many more.
With a reach and dream to make Alchemy De Luxe an international figure she has associated with top international quality silverware and gifts and made innovations to showcase her best, as she retails all over the world.
With craftsmanship, innovation, exquisiteness in the nature of Alchemy De Luxe, Poonam intends to give the world a new look with silver, gold and other precious metals and semi precious stones, using 14th century crafts/techniques in a very contemporary style.



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