OUTFITS 2014 Calendar Launch with images of Fashion Photographer Ashish Sahu

Every time one tears a leaf off a calendar, one presents a new place for new ideas and progress. And fashion is always of the time in which one lives and not something standing alone. Perhaps realising this, designers now want to take on outfits that will live with the viewer throughout the year and may be prompt new ideas and get the work done through lensmen who are themselves well versed in fashion photography.

Perpahs, Ashish Sahu kept this in view when designing a 2014 fashion calendar for his brand OUTFITS.  The fashion photographer wanted the calendar to be one of the most stylish calendars across and he has managed to do just that by ensuring every month has its own appeal and style matches up to global standards.
The calendar is being launched at Zebaa in Greater Kailash II, New Delhi at an event being attended by all the major figures of the fashion world and glitterati. Eleven models were used for this calendar, which includes Indian and international models, while a large number of make up artists were engaged for this task. The main focus in the calendar is the amalgamation of styling and the overall presentation for every picture. The attempt has been to make the calendar look very classy and give it a special factor.
Apparently, the aim is to design a calendar that is something that anybody and everybody would like to have in office or drawing rooms. The calendar will also go out to over 4,000 fashion houses and designers.

Ashish is a fashion photographer who deals with almost everything related to fashion, whether they are brand shoots, magazines, designer shoots, editorials, or covers. Though young in the industry, his amount of work has been highly appreciated. Photography for him is sheer passion and determination.
Expectedly, Ashish has never assisted any photographers or learnt photography from any institutes, and whatever he has achieved so far is because of his focus and determination towards his work. Ashish has so far worked with top fashion campaigns including Bridal Asia and many more. Brands like The World Tour, Anand World, Bridal Asia, Bunkaari India, Fiyya, Threesome, and Lakme India Fashion Week have been part of his campaigns.
It was this creativity and desire to work differently that set him apart from other photographers. Another achievement was creation of a brand called OUTFITS, which was formed in 2008 as a designer label. Because photography took a major turn in his life and he did not have ample time to take up designing and photography at the same level, he created OUTFITS as his brand which caters to photography, styling services, and of course clothing.
Many infer OUTFITS is a clothing term and so they tend to get confused as to whether Ashish Sahu is a designer or a photographer. Ashish Sahu started his career as a designer, later became a fashion stylist and finally became a Fashion Photographer, and OUTFITS covers all these aspects.

Some of the designers who took part in the work on the calendar included Surraj Kathuria, Threesome, Kritika Dawar, Aditi Arora and Omorfos. Bags and accessories were provided by Risa. The make up and hair partners were Adamo – Aanchal Gupta, JJ Make up & Hair, Kelly Gomes, Maxillin, Neeraj and Krishna Badmal. The models were managed by Starmodels and Mascot Models. Zebaa was the venue partners and the Public Relations and Media was handled by Bang on Target PR & Media Solutions along with online branding partner brandyourbrands.com. While the event has been managed by Remix Entertainment and the production is by Neal Sahu Productions. ‘Elysian hues by Deepali Mathur’ and ‘anditsnew.com by Deepali Pangasa’ were the event co-ordinators and the main associates for the calendar launch.

Guest List:

Shehnaz Hussain

Sagarika- Pop Singer

Amit Talwar Treekaya- Designer

Poonam bajaj – Bajaj capital

Poornima vardhan – 335th & financial head genesis color

Pooja taluja – celeb make up stylish

Max Exposure team

Jyotsna tiwari – designer

Sajay kapoor – hard news

Surge System – Owners

99mobile owners

Karmic entertainments- Owners

Sandeep Marwah- AAFT Marwha Studious

Karan Modi & Surbhi Modi – Revlon Colour Plus, Colour Bar

Riya Diwar Gandhi- united art fair owner

Dj Sway-

Gunjan Gaur- ALPS Cosmetics

Ishika Taneja- ALPS Cosmetics

Sonia bajaj- fashion designer

Manoj Sharma – Bollywood Producer – Movie Zilla gaziabad

Leena bidani – jewellery designer

Akshaya Chauhan – EX FDCI Director/ Director Cranberry Entertainments

Amit Talwar – Designer

Tanmay Sachdeva – Designer

Rohit suri- Fashion Photographer

Josh Guraya- Designer

Rajiv gupta – BCCI Umpire


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