British Actress Hazel Keech surfs in Pondicherry sea

Renowned for her versatility, be it her work in films or her passion for dancing, the British actress Hazel Keech, who was last seen in the 7th season of the popular TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ was in Pondicherry trying her hands on the amazing water sport ‘Surfing’. This is the first time that the ‘Bodyguard’ actress has indulged herself into something so adventurous and exciting.
Talking about her experience, Keech expresses, “It was mid 2012 when my friend and I arranged a surf trip to Pondicherry that urged me to learn the water sport and fall in love with it. With three lessons I have been upgraded from a nine feet board to an eight feet board. I managed to maintain my balance on the board during my very first lesson itself for which the credit goes to Kallilay Surf School. They have experienced instructors who have been surfing from a very young age and are teaching surfing since 2008″.
“The whole experience of managing to balance on the surf board itself is so enjoyable that I couldn’t wait to try it. Surfing is indeed very great for peace of mind and keeps a person fit. When you’re riding the wave you’re living 100 percent in the moment. The best part is that the mind stops thinking and the more you think the harder it gets to surf.


Surfing is very much about being in the moment, feeling the ocean and the wave and it’s all about trusting your body to know what to do”, Hazel signs off.

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