‘Closet Onset’ multi-designer e-commerce portal launched in India

Closetonset.com is a curated design platform that articulates Manisha Aggarwal- Founder and owner ‘s sense of style and love for Designer wear. A passionate curator, Manisha weaves around the principle that Fashion and Luxury will never be old talk and there should be platform for retailing Designer Wear globally. She believes that, “ If beauty was a language and clothes be humans, I bet we would live in a world called Closet”. With this thought in mind she is all set to unveil her digital coliseum to feature the best in fashion under one roof and synthesise – style, innovation and novelty.
Closet Onset is an e-commerce website celebrating Designer wear from all across the world catering to National and International Buyers. They aim to become a spring for young and vibrant Designers to gain exposure globally and make Designer possessions highly accessible and convenient for fashion lovers. The website offers an eclectic mix of coveted Designer labels like – Anju Modi, AM:PM, Gauri and Nainika, Cue by Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, Ranna Gill, Raakesh Aggarwal, Varun Bahl, Eshaani Jayaswal,  Anjalee and Arjun, Ridhi Mehra, Surenderi by Yogesh Chouhary, Mahima Mahajan and Peppermint Diva.
Having an urbanized design sensibility and a keen eye for design, Manisha will be fervently selecting Designer and Couture collections for her online portal. Think of metropolitans like New York, Milan, Paris or more earthy cities such as Bhopal, Kanpur or Dehradun. Closet Onset shall be engaging with one and all. It is our aim to provide to them, the kind of luxury that we are lucky to have, at their doorstep and at prices that don’t hurt.
Launching in the last week of November, the foremost vision of Closet Onset is to make the best of celebrated Designer pret accessible to one and all. Moreover, offer a wide range to help you enhance your wardrobe and make your online shopping experience worthwhile.
Fashion Lover and Shopaholic, Manisha started her career with various jobs and internships with FDCI, renowned designers and various PR Firms. Her love for designing even led her to design for family and friends and she ended up showing at an exhibition at Bridal Asia. Being a young entrepreneur of 23, this is her first independent Fashion venture of starting a Designer e-commerce pret portal and retailing the same globally. She has embarked upon an exciting journey of curating designer wear on her web portal and being able to bridge the gap between Indian Fashion and its availability in remote areas.

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