WorkBetter CEO Swapnil Kamat has trained 75,000 executives pan India

He is 31 years young, but his experience as a corporate soft skills trainer is old. A smart and agile personality, he is into service and soft skills training. He is doing a great job in training junior level and mid-levvel employees to achieve goals in professional life. Started as a freelancer. Now his compay, WorkBetter is achieving 40 percent year on year revenue. He has trained in excess of 75,000 executives across the country and has trained in some of the really top-notch firms including HDFC Bank, Johnson and Johnson, Mahindra & Mahindra. He is one of the leading corporate trainers in India today. With an MBA in Marketing and a successful stint with L’Oreal as Brand Manager, he realised his calling in the field of Training & People Development at a very early stage in his career. Ever since, he has managed to challenge the way corporate training has been looked at by playing a pioneering role in setting up one of India’s best corporate training firm, focussed on behavioural and soft-skills domain. That is Swapnil Kamat for you.
Swapnil has trained over 21,000 executives at India’s leading firms across the country. Besides that he has designed major training and people development initiatives as a Training Consultant for some of India’s largest companies including HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank, NSE, Essar Group, BNP Paribas, Mahindra & Mahindra and more. Real, Practical and Implementable methods are his major contribution to the Indian Executive Training Landscape as opposed to the traditionally theoretical methods.
Swapnil was featured on CNBC Young Turks as one of ’India’s Young Achievers’, Times of India labelled him as ’Catalyst for Change’ besides being featured on various other media like Economic Times, The Afternoon & Business India. What is more, he has published over 50 Columns and Articles.
There has never been a day where Swapnil has not received an overwhelming feedback and recognition for his high quality content and high energy facilitation. Having seen success as a corporate trainer and the progress people have made based on his training workshops, Swapnil eagerly wants to now reach out to professionals through his open programs.


In a free-wheeling chat, Swapnil opens up his mind on WorkBetter and its contributions to Jayashankar Menon. Excerpts:

JM: Can you talk about WorkBetter and its achievements?
SK: WorkBetter Training is one of India’s fastest growing Executive Education and Training firm. We provide customised training solutions in the soft skills, behaviour and management domain. Since it’s inception half a decade ago, WorkBetter has partnered with some of the biggest organisations on their people development initiatives and trained over 75,000 executives across India.
Me and my spouse Ruchira Karnik co-founded Work Better in 2008 after having been on the receiving side of several boring, theoretical and irrelevant training programmes in our respective corporate jobs. The question that ‘If learning is such an integral part of a professional’s development and an organisation’s progress, why can’t it be done better?’ led us to do our research, our study and launch WorkBetter Training Programme, to fundamentally change the way executive training was delivered in India and help professionals Work Better.

JM: What defines WorkBetter a better programme?
SK: Practical, Real and Implementable are the three concepts that define our WorkBetter Programme. We have created a huge impact through our holistic approach to training which involves doing extensive groundwork, creating customised content, conducting training on Adult Learning principles and engaging participants through post programme tools.
A dedicated content team invests time and effort in researching, creating various techniques and analysing what module will work best in which format. Besides, we provide some of the world’s best tools to engage and involve participants up to 6 months after the classroom workshop through their various initiatives like online and mobile learning. With a solid client base, a full time team of ten people and an empaneled network of over 50 trainers across the country, WorkBetter is poised to grow by 40 percent year on year in terms of revenue in this financial year.

JM: What are the specialities of WorkBetter?
SK: WorkBetter specialises in six verticals such as leadership development Programmes, customer service excellence, business communication and presentation skills training, sales and negotiation skills training, personal effectiveness training and innovation learning.

JM: Who all are your major clients?
SK:  Essar, HDFC, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank, IDBI Bank, National Stock Exchange, ING Life Insurance, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, Ingram Micro, Mahindra & Mahindra, Schneider Electric, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Trident Hotels and more.


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