Grainny’s offer ‘Raise the Bars’ snacks for diabetic patients

Today, due to busy lifestyles, every individual wants to consume food that is healthy as well as convenient. To fulfill this nutrition requirement, the ‘Naturally-Organic’ food range, Grainny’s offers its product, ‘Raise the Bar’.


‘Raise the Bar’, is a snack bar, available in Classic Granola, Choco Nut, and Apple Cinnamon variants. These are specially designed keeping in mind the nutritional needs of people looking for healthy and active lifestyle, like children, adults, endurance sports and fitness enthusiasts, weight watchers, children and even the diabetic, says a company statement.
The ready-to-eat bars are tasty, nutritious and come in unique portable size and pack that can be easily carried in the bag or pocket. They can be a good meal option as they are completely healthy and nourishing, providing bundle of energy and satiating hunger for a longer time.
Each bar contains about 100 calories, has natural ingredients with balanced Glycemic Index and entirely uses natural-unprocessed sweeteners. The composition ensures that our body processes the nutrients holistically and the Sugar is ingested evenly over a period of time. These results in satiating hunger for a longer period, sustained energy levels, and controlled blood glucose levels. Price: Rs 30-40 per bar and comes in a nifty pack of six bars. Available at  and
Grainny’s range of products include ready to eat snacks which not only suit the daily nutritional requirement, but also provide healthy options for in-between meal snacking. All their products are made with trusted natural ingredients and are made using traditional methods. The range includes gluten free and vegan foods as well. Grainny’s make Energy bars; Gluten free munchies for Active/working people; Sweets which are rich in complex carbohydrates, sugars, and Micro nutrients; Multi grain daily loaves; Biscottis, and Cookies etc. Grainny’s is much beyond selling products. We strive to connect with the consumers on a holistic emotional level. We are constantly engaged in organising fitness events, nutritional cooking workshops walks and cycle rides.


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