New Vehicle Crash Test Centre to come up in Chennai soon, NCAP standards on the anvil

A new Vehicle Crash Centre will come up in Chennai within two years. A first of its kind facility is likely to be set up in Chennai within one and a half years, while the Road Transport Ministry has commenenced the process of setting standards for New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), according to a TOI report.
Safety test mandatory

One the NCAP is in place, all new demo vehicles should be compulsorily clear this safety tests, comply with all safety parameters and obtain certification for their structural strength, noted the report. Currently, vehicles sold in the country only are subjected to front and rear crash tests.
It may be recalled that not in the distant past, Union Minister for Road Transport, Oscar Fernandes has informed that the Ministry had initiated talks with other ministries and the industry body, the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) to firm up NCAP. Quoting industry grapevines, the report further said the process will take a while as the standards have to be finalised. A Government official was quoted as saying by the report that many states had not even notified the maximum speed limit. ‘How one can go ahead with planning big things until you have the basics in place, therefore, we should not be in a haste to do copycat of the norms and standards of Europe’, the official told the daily.
Oscar Fernandes’ statements came when there were only two weeks left for reaching at a decision for the Global NCAP was to be implemented, with first ever independent consumer crash tests for some the country’s popular compact cars, the report said and added that to carry out such safety tests, the National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP) was setting up a modern facility under Centre of Excellence for Passive Safety at GARC, Chennai. What is more, two other passive safety facilities at iCAT and Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) are also being established.
Chennai facility
The new crash facility that is coming up in Chennai will be state of the art with the capability to perform frontal car to car crash, sled test, full vehicle crash test as well as angular car to car crash, the report said and added that the new facility would also be able capable of performing EuroNCAP and USANCAP tests, with ultra modern equipment to gauge and film the crash test and even climatic control of the impact zone that are required.


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