GILS adopts inter-curricular approach to instil the pride of nationality on Republic Day

Honouring January 26, the day on which the Constitution of India came into force, Global Indian International School adopted an inter-curricular approach to instil in the students the pride of nationality, according to a statement released by the school.
Dr CS Dharmadhikari, Retd Justice of Mumbai High Court President’s of Global School’s Foundation said: “On the eve of Republic Day, my message to my fellow teachers and Principal of Global Indian International School is that we must ‘think globally and act locally’ and thereby imbibe in our students strong values and culture along with knowledge of modern-age IT-aided learning. Having been associated with Mahatma Gandhi’s Basic Education I feel that in today’s scenario we must adopt various measures to retain the true meaning and purpose of education, instil a sense of responsibility to one’s society. All planning or development should not be only for survival, but also for maintenance and subsistence of life.  Life shall not only survive but thrive. The development, which we contemplate, should be conducive to the cultural development of man, i.e. development of his body, mind and spirit”.
A student is a citizen of tomorrow and, therefore, the custodian of a nature’s future dreams, of what the country ought to be in future.  Whatever the students do, they can never be indifferent to their teachers because they have become an inseparable part of their lives. As a matter of fact, a teacher must have a mother’s heart. A mother does not love her children by applying a percentage formula. For her every child is a cent percent personality; an integer whole. By adopting a ‘wholistic’ & pragmatic approach we must ensure success in our endeavour of widespread, holistic & meaningful education for all, he added.
Flag hoisting marked the beginning of the day followed by the parade of tiny tots of Nursery class flaunting regional dresses as they spoke on the unique features of the state they showcased in ‘Citizens of India’. The Kindergarten children participated in ‘Paint the Republic’ session, an art class where the children coloured on pre-made outlined sheets on the theme of Republic Day.  In language class the students recited poems on the theme of “Jai Jana Bharat.”  The older classes presented “India on My Plate” on foods and sweets of India.  The day’s theme for Personality Development class was a show –and-tell lesson on the topic of Republic Day.“Colours of the Republic” a medley of song and dance woven around the theme of a vibrant Republic beautifully was choreographed by the music teachers and the students performed beautifully. Inter-house quiz was conducted by the older children on “my India, my pride”. The students gathered information from online content available at school through e-learning facilities.  The day came to an end with National Anthem.Global Indian International School (GIIS) – established under the guiding principles of Global Schools Foundation – is an international network of award-winning institutions, with 21 campuses in 7 countries. Known for their skill-based and learner-centric curricula, GIIS schools offer holistic learning and personality development opportunities for students.
GIIS schools have been honoured with 27 international and national awards over a span of five years for achieving Excellence in School Education.  Today, GIIS boasts a strong multicultural student body, as children from diverse nationalities have enrolled across its campuses. Adopting a holistic approach to learning and character development, Global School Nine Gems model is a proprietary tool to achieve a balance between academics and experience, mental and physical development, fine arts and performing arts, language skills and creativity, personality development, ethics and entrepreneurship. For further details visit –


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