Shanu SP Hinduja meets Ban Ki Moon in Davos and strengthens Hinduja Foundation’s ties with UN

This week Shanu SP Hinduja, Board Director of Hinduja Bank Switzerland   is attending this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Forum in Davos.
Shanu, eldest daughter of Srichand P Hinduja, Chairman of the Hinduja Group, is a leading member of the Family involved in the Group’s business and philanthropic activities, according to a media statement.  Shanu attended a number of high level meetings, notably one held on January 23, looking to further the empowerment of women in the hope to accelerate the achievement of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.
In a two-hour gathering, Shanu met with the UN’s Secretary General Ban Ki Moon,  Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau of the Netherlands, leading Broadcaster and journalist,  Tina Brown.  Also attending the meeting were  Norway’s Prime Minister, the President of Rwanda, the UK’s former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and the Chairmen of three multinational corporations, British Petroleum plc, Unilever plc and Erickson. In her discussions with the Secretary General, Ms. Hinduja repeated her earlier offer of the Hinduja Foundation’s support for the United Nations
The Davos meeting with Ban Ki Moon follows Ms. Hinduja’s attendance at the United National General Assembly in September last year. In her role as Chairperson of the Hinduja Foundation US, she spoke at a meeting on Disability Inclusion with leaders from over 130 countries present. This was part of a series of contacts Shanu has forged with the United Nations, including discussions with the Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon to bring the Hinduja Foundation closer to the workings of the UN and play a role for India in putting forward proposals for the UN’s post-2015 Development Agenda.


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