Wonderchef, promoted by Sanjeev Kapoor launch new range of kitchen appliance in India

Wonderchef, a premium brand presenting an exclusive and distinctive range ofcookware, bakeware, kitchen tools and accessories brought to you by India’s most renowned Chef Sanjeev Kapoor – a Master Chef par excellence and the most popular figure in Indian culinary world, according to a media statement. Introducing the contemporary Indian to a world of healthy cookware range and kitchen appliances without compromising on taste, Wonderchef is a household name for world’s best imported brands.
Ballarini Cortina White Grill Pan 28cm-Ballarini Whitestone Cortina. The Whitestone Cortina range comes with 3 layer white non-stick coating and is scratch resistant. With soft-touch handles and heat radiant bottom, this heavy pan guarantees top quality and perfect grill cooking results.
Ballarini special products Square Grill Pan with foldable handle-Specially design for restaurant style cooking results at home.


With classic foldable wooden handle Essenza Induction Grill Pan-Grill cooking now on Induction which ensure rapid heating, improved thermal efficiency and greater heat consistency.
A combination of Italian design with Swiss quality coating makes cooking fast & convenient with this finest non-stick grill pan

o   Professional Grade three layer Non-stick Coating

o   Virgin Aluminum

o   3 mm bottom thickness

o   Fast and Efficient Cooking

o   Gas, Induction, and Electric Hob Friendly

Sanjeev Kapoor Super Tandoor (SKT)- Family Size & Standard Size


Oil nikale drop by drop, Reduces oil consumption by 70 percent, Cooks evenly on both sides,Quick heating with Thermostat control.

Magic Barbeque
Use daily on your Dining Table to enjoy BBQ together. A family which cooks together, stays together, Electric Barbeque Grill with operation indicator light, Cook delightful menus at the convenience of your home, Quick assembly & easy maintenance, Can be used on the dining table and in your garden area ,Keep up with the conversation and join the fun at your party, while cooking delicious grilled delights for family & friends, Cook deliciously grilled starters with Magic Barbecue at the convenience of your home on the dining table or at parties & picnics in your balcony & garden area

Penny basting brush Pavoni
Silicone Kitchen Accessories to help you complete important chores in the kitchen quickly and efficiently. Silicone spoons, spatulas and basting brushes do not scratch surfaces, making them ideal for enamel, nonstick and metal cookware.


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