Ruchira Karnik talks about Work Better and how it works better

Ruchira Karnik helped in establishing Work Better as one of the leading  companies in the Executive training space. She has been instrumental in bringing the firm where it stands now. Back in 2008, Ruchira  and her husband Swapnil Kamat establised Work Better, after having been on the receiving side of several boring, theoretical and irrelevant training programmes in their respective corporate jobs. Before taking the entrepreneurial plunge, Ruchira worked as the Advertising Manager for Ogaan Publications.
A perfectionist by nature, Ruchira has bird’s eye on little big things necessary to run the business. She also loves travelling with her husband and is an ardent Cricket fan. She is currently the Head of Business Development at Work Better. She graduated from Goa university with an honours in Bio – Technology in 2002. Prior to Work Better, she founded a Travel Portal called and built it to a sizeable scale before exiting the venture.

Ruchira has developed a highly prestigious list of clientele with some of the biggest corporates counting Work Better as long term partners in training. She has been instrumental  in driving innovative practical training solutions which  has helped give Work Better a definitive edge over its competitors.

Lasting relationship
Ruchira has managed to build strong relationships with clients and partners associated with Work Better with her unbeatable focus and dedication and she has  even built an extremely competent team at Work Better Training as well a solid pool of trainers PAN India. Ruchira has set up strong  internal processes leading Work Better of reputation of one one of the most reliable organisations with flawless execution skills. She has been featured on the Economic Times, the Times of India and various other national media as a  successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.
Ruchira is a perfectionist by nature and has eye on little big things necessary to run the business. She also loves travelling with her husband and is an ardent Cricket fan, especially of Sachin Tendulkar.

In an informal chat, Ruchira speaks to Jayashankar Menon more about Work Better and how it works better. Excerpts:
JM: Can you talk about Work Better and how it works better?
RK: Work Better Training is one of India’s fastest growing Executive Education and Training firm. We provide customised training solutions in the soft skills, behaviour and management domain. Since it’s inception half a decade ago, we have  partnered with some of the biggest organisations on our people development initiatives and trained in excess of 75,000 executives across the country.

JM: What made to start Work Better?
RK: The question that If learning is such an integral part of a professional’s development and an organisation’s progress, why can’t it be done better? led us to do our research, our study and launch Work Better Training. We started Work Better to fundamentally change the way executive training was delivered in India and help professionals Work Better.

JM: How do you define Work Better programme?
RK: Practical, Real and Implementable are the three words that define a Work Better programme. We have created a huge impact through our holistic approach to training which involved doing extensive groundwork, creating customised content, conducting training on Adult Learning principles and engaging participants through post programme tools.
What is more, a dedicated content team invests time and effort in researching, creating various techniques and analysing what module will work best in which format. Besides that, we also provide some of the world’s best tools to engage and involve participants up to six months after the classroom workshop through our various initiatives like online and mobile learning.

JM: What is the kind of growth you predict?
RK: With a solid client base, a full time team of ten people and an empaneled network of over 50 trainers across the country, Work Better is poised to grow by 40 percent year on year in terms of revenue in this financial year.

JM: What verticals Work Better had specialised?
RK: Work Better specialises in six verticals such as leadership development programmes, customer service excellence, business communication and presentation skills, sales and negotiation skills training, personal effectiveness training and innovation. Learning

JM: Can you reveal few major clients?
RK: Essar, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, IndusInd Bank, IDBI Bank, National Stock Exchange, ING Life Insurance, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, Ingram Micro, Mahindra & Mahindra, Schneider Electric, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Trident Hotels and more.


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