Drools: Making giant strides in the pet food segment in India

DROOLS® is India’s fastest growing pet food brand in the country. In fact, the company had recently launched its dog food range pan India. Made with the highest quality ingredients,DROOLS® dog food range will be the right choice for your pet.DROOLS® dog food comes in two varieties, DROOLS®puppy food and DROOLS®adult food this is to ensure that your dog gets the right nutrition and benefits at various stages of their life, according to a company statement.
DROOLS® Daily Nutrition dog food is of extremely high standards and has complete and balanced nutrition suitable for all breeds. The range is available in different weight sizes starting from 400g packs right up to15kg Bag. One can find DROOLS® at all pet shops and organized retail outlets across the country.
One of DROOLS® achievements has been to be the most preferred brand for dogs in some security forces in India like the BSF, SSB, R&D institutions andavailableacross all modern trades.

Speaking about the brand, Fahim Sultan Ali-Director IB Group said: “At DROOLS® we realise the importance of your pet’s health and well being, that’s why we take the utmost care to add quality to our nutritionally dense and bio-available products.  Which is why you may find DROOLS® to be not only the best, but also the right feed for your pet”.
DROOLS® Lamb & Rice is a specially designed formula for your dog’s health, highly digestible lamb protein for a balanced supply of amino acids and B vitamins to maintain lean muscle and goodness of rice for excellent carbohydrate for energy, essential vitamins and wholesome fiber. Guaranteed levels of probiotics & prebiotics to support healthy digestion, antioxidants f to help maintain a healthy immune system & omegas 6 & 3 for beautiful skin and coat.
DROOLS® Chicken & Egg is specially formulated for growing puppies and adults. It contains real chicken as # 1 ingredient to build & maintain lean muscle mass for top body condition. Chicken & Egg is developed to help your dog live a long and healthy life. Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids to help your dog have healthy skin & beautiful coat.
DROOLS® Chicken & Vegetables provides high quality complete & balanced nutrition & is specially formulated with proper protein and fat levels for energy and growth. Real chicken as # 1 provides an excellent source of protein. DROOLS® Chicken & Vegetables also contains optimum ratio of Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids to help your dog have healthy skin & beautiful coat.
Working and active dogs need more than everyday nutrition to maintain health and stay at peak performance. DROOLS® understands this and has designed DROOLS® High Performance, a specially formulated nutrient dense diet for the high-stress, active dogs, whether in a show environment or in the field. Its high nutritional content provides sustained levels of energy and nutrients for top performance.
DROOLS® Puppy Starter provides 100 % complete & balanced nutrition for weaning puppies. It supports puppy’s strong defenses from within the digestive tract. It is designed to promote a gradual transition from mother’s milk to solid food. Scientifically developed in a convenient easily rehydrable form. DROOLS® Puppy Starter can also be fed to during pregnancy or while nursing. DROOLS®is India’s fastest growing pet food company has over 250 product offerings for dogs, cats, fish and recently launched horse feed.The company has over 25 years of experience in animal nutrition and launched the brand DROOLS®™ two years back.  DROOLS® is manufactured and marketed by the IB Group the only company known to produce raw materials for its entire range of products, thereby facilitating greater, quality control and high standards of production.  In these two years the company has garnered a 35 percent market share in the pet food industry.  Their wide range of products gives a wholesome, balanced and delicious diet that gives your pet the edge.


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