SML Isuzu launches XM series trucks for a starting price of Rs 13 lakh in India

SML ISUZU LIMITED (Formerly Swaraj Mazda Ltd) yesterday launched its new XM series trucks in India with a starting price of Rs 13 lakh, according to a company statement. SML Isuzu was set up in 1983-85 as a joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation, Japan  and Mazda Motor Corporation, Japan. Eiichi Seto, Managing Director and CEO of SML Isuzu and SK Tuteja, Chairman of SML Isuzu unveiled the vehicles in New Delhi yesterday.
Sensing the potential much ahead with a focus to timely address the growing  demand in  surface transport  with regard to  strengthening and widening of existing national State Highways  which will provide for high speed  goods transportation, increased passenger transportation, high in luxury, speed, safety and comfort,  SML forged a formidable alliance with ISUZU MOTORS way back in 2006. ISUZU Motor Japan is global leader in Commercial Vehicle and Diesel Engine marketplaces.

Known for engineering prowess and product upgradation and  automation, SMLI is all set to broaden its product portfolio and has introduced to Indian Market in November 2013 its XM series of vehicles. This new SMLI  XM Series  vehicles  are fitted with improved design of engine  to give  a combined advantage of better fuel efficiency  and higher torque. Apparently, this will be a definite advantage  to its customers  on fuel savings and reducing their operating cost, while  higher torque  will give better acceleration  when vehicle is traversing  Gradients. This XM series vehicle models, which are available in India includes Cosmo-XM, Super 12.9 XM, Samrat HD 19 XM, Samrat Tipper XM and S7 Buses (both 40 snd 51 Seater).
The company has a slew of dealerships in the Delh NCR area including Metal Tech Motors, Indersons Motors, HKS Motors and authorised spare parts distributors such as Asiatic Agencies and Auto Parts and Co, Delhi NCR are also selling the new XM series Vehicles.
 SUPER 12 .9 XM, 12990 kg GVW Truck:
Super 12.9 XM truck is a 12990 GVW Truck with pay load of 8,500 kgs. This Truck is fitted with wider Cargo Box, and is available in both 5.18 Mtrs. (17’) and 5.80 Mtrs (19’) with options of both Steel high side and half side cargo box.
This COSMO XM Series Truck has 3.048 Mtrs.  (10’ Cargo Box Truck) which is smallest in its class of vehicles.  This Truck is highly maneuverable and can give very high fuel advantage as compared to other makes of Trucks in this range. The XM series S7 Buses are aesthetically designed. The XM series Buses has better fuel efficiency and effective air conditioning system in case of AC Buses. All other models in XM Series will be available to customers by March – April 2014.  In addition to the these models its FR 1318, with seating capacity of 40 seats would be introduced in the Indian market soon. The XM Series Trucks are available on all registered dealers at Rs 13 lakh onwards.


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