Hasleen Kaur gets training from Namrata Purohit for the movie Karle Pyaar Karle

‘Hasleen Kaur’ has been training under the ‘Youngest Trained Stott Pilates Instructor’ in India ‘Namrata Purohit’ ever since she was crowned Femina Miss India Miss Earth in 2011. Even for her debut film ‘Karle Pyaar Karle’ that releases this Friday, in which Hasleen looks not only fit but also strong, has been trained under Namrata at her Pilates Studio in Khar.
Talking about Hasleen, Namrata says: “Hasleen has been very regular with her Pilates and altitude training workouts at our Khar studio. She was very determined to get a fit and strong body, which made it easier for me to help her to reach a level of fitness which was acceptable to her. I think Hasleen is not only looking great but has become very strong…..as they say ‘Strong is the New Skinny’. Her workouts progressed fast and she achieved her goal quickly. Frankly above all this she is a great Human Being and I wish her all the success and more in the future”.
Hasleen adds: “Namrata has been in charge of my fitness for two years now and they’ve done a fabulous job. Everyone’s admiring my look in my debut film ‘Karle Pyaar Karle’, and that’s all because of my core strength and agility that Pilates and Altitude Training has given me. Also Namrata taught Me floor exercises in Pilates that helped me a lot when I was on the move. Pilates and Altitude Training by Namrata at her studio in Khar proves that it’s not necessary to burn yourself by lifting unnecessary heavy weights or doing crazy amount of cardio, its just about exercising those muscles in the right amount with correct posture. I’ve also never once had injury or excessive muscle pain after Pilates. I absolutely love my form”.

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