‘What A Loser’, by Pankaj Dubey: A fresh take on the issues revolving around the issue of one’s ‘identity’

Pankaj Dubey’s book, ‘What a Loser’ in English and ‘Loser kahin Ka’ in Hindi, published by Penguin Metro Reads, is a Cowbelt Comedy set in the North Campus of Delhi University. This laughathon delves deep into the zone of satire. It attempts to bring millions of students from the Cowbelt states of UP, Bihar, MP, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan who arrive DU with the borrowed dream from their parents, of making it BIG into the IAS.
Interestingly set in the post Liberalisation phase of the 1990s India, it’s a fresh take on the issues revolving round the
issue of one’s ‘identity’. Pandey Anil Kumar Sinha (PAKS) comes to Delhi with precisely three things: One, his jaded old trunk full of Sattu and Achaar, two, a borrowed dream of becoming an IAS officer from his clerk father and three, to sleep with a milky-white Punjabi girl.

However, PAKS’s goals begin to change when he falls in love, enroll for English classes and find cool friends. Then suddenly he is pushed to the forefront of university elections and he becomes a hero! PAKS in living his ultimate dream…or is he?
What will happen next? Will he ever get what he really wants? Find out the laughathon full of cliché’s straight from the cow belt of India! (youtube.com/watch?v=J708pG099l8) and for the Loser Anthem Teaser making rounds in the digital
media: youtube.com/watch?v=iamnAwB63_E).

Pankaj Dubey is an Indian Author and Screenwriter based out of Mumbai. He has worked as Script Supervisor in the recently released Disney UTV feature film Ghanchakkar, Directed by Raj Kumar Gupta and now working in Chauranga by Anticlock Films.
Pankaj is also a Novelist now. He has authored a novel titled, ‘What a Loser’ (English) and ‘Loser Kahin Ka! (Hindi) published by Penguin Metro Read. His novel is a Cowbelt Comedy set in the North Campus of the University of Delhi. Both these novels are the original works of the Author and none has been translated from the other.
Pankaj has also produced two short films Naach Ganesh (Dance of Ganesha) and Geelee (Wet Dreams) screened at Busan International Film Festival, IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), Clermont Ferrand, (France) Stuttgart, (Germany) and Indian Film Festival, Los Angeles under his banner Sadak Chhaap Films.
Prior to being a part of the film industry Pankaj has a professional background in Journalism. He has worked with the BBC World Service in London and then with Channel 7 (now IBN7) and TV Today Group in New Delhi, India. A law graduate from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University Pankaj Dubey has done his Masters in Applied Communications from Coventry University,
West Midlands, UK. You can reach the author, by calling on his mobile: +91(9769797555) or e-mail carryonpd@gmail.com.


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