Siemens Coffee Centre, the Barista in your kitchen

The Siemens fully automatic built-in coffee centre is like your very own espresso world, where every process from bean to cup is ‘perfecto’, according to a statement issued by Siemens. The inbuilt Senso Flow System makes sure that the water is sustained at an ideal temperature during the entire brewing process giving you just the right flavor every time. With minimal heat –up time and minimum standby power, it’s also unique, energy saving feature. Not to forget, the convex design of the tamper that allows more flavor to be released from the ground coffee for that perfect crème.
The aroma double-shot option allows you to choose your coffee extra-large or extra-strong without compromising on that perfect intensive flavour, while the variable cup volume allows you to adjust capacity outside the standard small, medium and large options.
Integrated with innovative milk jet, Siemens coffee machine ensures fine milky forth for that ultimate cappuccino. This coffee centre can prepare coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino and all kinds of coffee –and-milk specialties with just one touch. Espresso connoisseurs who are enthralled by the entire espresso making process will love the transparency and intuitive operation of our coffee centre.
The MRP price for SIEMENS Coffee Centre (TK76K573) is Rs 1,67,000. For any further communication please get in touch on the following contact details mentioned below. Siemens call centre number: 1800 209 1850,


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