Mercedes-Benz India announces 2014 strategy to implement brand promise of ‘Best or Nothing’

Pursuing the successful business strategy of ‘2013 Year of Offensive’, which saw the company launch fascinating products, expand network spread, create exciting brand experiences and value added after-sales initiatives, Mercedes-Benz India today announced its strategy for 2014, termed as the ‘2014 Year of Excellence’, according to a company statement.

Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said: “We have committed ourselves to making 2014 the ‘Year of Excellence’ as we feel that, as the most admired automotive brand in India, we need to set benchmarks in the Luxury segment. We are sure that our strategy shall eventually lead to better customer satisfaction and loyalty leading to our profitable growth in India.” ‘Year of Excellence’ encapsulates the endeavour to achieve excellence in the vital areas of business operations that include fascinating products, exciting brand experiences and retail programmes.
Products: Mercedes-Benz India believes that the customers are sophisticated and they understand and appreciate real luxury. Mercedes-Benz India will be introducing 10 new products in 2014, all of which will be in the top of the pyramid and not strip down models or editions.
Brand: Mercedes-Benz India has always pioneered one of its kind brand experiences for its customers. Mercedes-Benz India introduced India to automotive luxury and in 2014 the company intends to take luxury automobiles to the next level. Mercedes-Benz India will be announcing a series of initiatives like the “AMG Performance Tour” which will give a unique brand experience to discerning customers. Mercedes-Benz India’s exciting presence at the Auto Expo 2014 will truly demonstrate Excellence.
Excellence in Retail: Mercedes-Benz India’s dealerships are luxury destinations and are already benchmarks in luxury retailing, with the usage of innovative technologies like iSales. All the sales consultants at Mercedes-Benz India dealerships are equipped with iPads with an advanced app, which communicates the various technologies featuring in a Three Pointed Star. Customers can also customise various financial options and also look at the many configurations available in a car with the help of iSales. The year 2014 earmarks an important period for Mercedes-Benz India as it will be consolidating the gains from the Year of Offensive and launching a slew of initiatives that will create new benchmarks in modern luxury and for the luxury auto industry in India.
My Mercedes: In 2014 Mercedes-Benz India will further enhance the “My Mercedes” platform which was launched in October 2013. The “National Remote Diagnostic Centre” will also be deployed across all dealerships offering customers solutions to complex technical issues at the fastest possible time.
CRM: Mercedes-Benz India will be focussing on excellence in Customer Relationship Management. Mercedes-Benz India has set up a dedicated telephone number* for its customers to connect with and will be focusing in the areas of faster response time and speedy resolution of customer queries or any grievances.
Centre of Excellence: Mercedes-Benz India recently inaugurated the “Centre of Excellence” where discerning customers can personally fly down in their choppers and configure cars of their choice in the state-of-the-art facility in Pune and could also opt for a guided tour of the production facility.
Production: Mercedes-Benz India’s production facility is one of the most advanced facilities within the Daimler family and it embodies the company’s Excellence in manufacturing. Mercedes-Benz India takes pride in having the largest luxury car manufacturing facility in India with a full-fledged advanced Paint Shop capable of 20,000 units annually. Mercedes-Benz India will continue its investment in the facility and shall soon start local assembly of newer models, making the company ‘future ready.’
CSR Initiatives: Continuing ongoing corporate initiatives, Mercedes-Benz India as a responsible corporate citizen would be enhancing its CSR roadmap, thus bringing to India unique CSR initiatives in the context of “future mobility solutions.” *1800-102-9222


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