Ashianaites in Jaipur witness fun filled evening with the King of Entertainment, Junior Dev Anand

The Sunday evening  Ashianaites of Jaipur witnessed an evening full of fun laughter and togetherness at  the site of Gulmohar Garden – an upcoming landmark destination in Jaipur by Ashiana and Maglam. The presence of Junior Devanand, who was especially in the pink city made the evening even more colourful and sparkling with his mimics and one liner.
This entire initiative was endeavoured by Ashiana Housing Ltd, rated as the best Indian Real Estate Company by Forbes Magazine, to ‘Build a sturdy link of familiarity between the residents’, where the existing and futuristic ASHIANAITES meet, mingle and celebrate the sprit of neighbourhood. This initiative was just to turn Gulmohar Garden neighbours into supportive inmates, noted a company statement.
The hot shot of the event Junior Devanand was spotted mingling and interacting with the families and entertaining them in the everlasting legendry Devanand style. His singing and dancing along with all the fun filled game kept the crowd busy and enthralled all evening. Besides, the live band performance, family games and fun zone spiced up the evening.
Cdr Sanjeev Rawat, Vice President, Ashiana Housing said: “Organising such events is a platform to spell warmth, comfort, and ethos which sooth people and would nurture a bonding of understanding and trust. And Calling Junior Devanand to be the part of this initiative is just to add another flavour of colours as he is the one who can make Ashianaites laugh and forget life’s worries”.


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