Steelbird launch ‘I am Eve, I Ride with Pride’ film campaign promoting safe riding among women

Aiming at educating thousands of school and college going girls on safe two wheeler riding, India’s largest  selling helmet brands, Steelbird, has kick started a noble campaign ‘I am Ever, I ride with pride’. The campaign is running through various colleges across Delhi NCR in due course of time, according to a company statement.
Short films
The campaign is in the form of short films conveying the message of safe riding is a CSR initiative of Steelbird Helmets, which is very first time conceptualised and being executed keeping in mind the safety and security of female two wheeler riders. The campaign will provide an opportunity to young college girls who are found of acting to showcase their talent to the outside world by participating in the auditions for short film which will be produced by steelbird helmets at various college campuses.

Elaborating in details Shailendra Jain, Sales & Marketing Head of Steelbird Helmets Said: “The campaign will run through two phases one is making the Film and second is screening the Film with campus audience. The core idea behind this activity is to educate a large of section of students about the safe riding and involve them to be the front face of this campaign. Steelbird has joined hands with well known social film maker for the same who will be spearheading the auditions, productions and final editing of these shorts films. The first part of the campaign is a day long audition which will be conducted at various colleges’ campus on time to time and will be open for all the girls. The shortlisted candidates will be called for shooting which will be held at the campus only. Once the film is done is will be screened at the college auditorium. The theme of these short firms would be on women safety and safe riding. Since the campaign is exclusively focused on female riders hence we have already started the campaign from all women colleges told Mr Ulhas. We have done with the auditions in almost 5-6 Colleges. We are getting overwhelming response of the screening in Gargi College, Kamala Nehru and Shaheed Rajguru College. Now we have hit the floors in Indraprastha College of Women and Baharti College”.
While speaking about creating awareness, Jain added: “We have selected various themes and topics which are need of the hour today to educate a common man on the safe riding, wearing quality helmets and various other safety related issues. Once the campaign will be over covering almost 45 colleges in Delhi NCR, Steelbird will hold a short films festival where all these 45 shorts films will be screened  to public and best one will be awarded”. To take part in the auditions, girls can watch their college notice board or one can visit at steelbird helmets facebook page or the website,

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