Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014 to be held at Mumbai Exhibition Centre from April 24-26

The second edition of Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014, organised by IPMMA will be held at Mumbai Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from April 24-26. This event is supported by 14 national and international associations.
Since the first edition of Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2013 received a humungous response. Having said that, the expectation of the whole pharmaceuitcal industry is pretty high on this second edition. In excess of 78 percent of the total space has been booked by all major domestic players. An estimated 480 pharma firms from 18 countries are taking part at the Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014 and iPHEX 2014. One of the unique features of Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014 is that there are more than 20,000 potential buyers including 1,400 buyers for 105 countries will make their presence in both the exhibitions.
PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2014 offers an excellent opportunity to expand the businesses in India and international pharma industry. In the machineries and equipment segment, pharma processing companies, packaging firms and lab equipment manufacturers will take part in the trade fair. In the materials segment, packaging materials and conumable firms, besides lab glasswares and consumable firms are attending the expo. In the pharma chemicals segment, API players, Bulk Actives manufacturers and Excipients players apart from Lab Reagents and Chemical firms are also taking part in this exhibition. In the project management, utilities, consultants, turn key contractors and envrironment control products and services firms are attending the show.
In the pharma manufacturing services segment, contract manufacturers, CRO and Research Institutes, testing labs and services firms are taking part. As far as the trade promotion activities are concerned, various trade associations, trade promotion councils and trade publications are also participating.
Established in 1997, GPE Expo Pvt Ltd (GPEEPL) has attained an international recognition worldwide including, India, Malaysia, Syria, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Nepal, and have become specialized in providing event planning and consultation services, event marketing & management for country specific international Exhibitions, along with for corporations, associations and individual organizations of exclusively pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors for more than 14 years. GPEEPL is one of the IPMMA Member Companies since the formation of the Association. The core strength is in the logistical details of organizing and executing large events involving multiple players, while integrating diverse services. Based on the experience in the industry, GPEEPL has established an expertise, which enables to produce a top rated event in all areas and timely execution.

GPEEPL, the Show Organisers of the most reputed pharma events internationally. GPEEPL enjoys the credits of highly successful organization (marketing, management, and execution) of several country specific international exhibitions for pharmaceutical industry to emphasise the significance of the local pharma industry on the global platform:

Asia Pharma Expo (Malaysia & Bangladesh)
Nigeria Pharma Manufacturers Expo (Nigeria)
Pak Pharma Expo (Pakistan)
Nepal Pharma Expo (Nepal)
Global Pharma Expo (India)

GPEEPL is having co-ordeal relationship with various national trade associations of pharma industry inculding, like, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia and Nepal. Besides servicing medical and healthcare segment, GPEEPL has been associated with Medical and Healthacre segments, including Association of Surgeons of India, Society of Gastroenterology (India), Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India, Association of Colon and Rectum Surgeons of India, Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, Indian Society of Knee and Hip Surgeons, Association of Physicians of India, Urologist Society of India and more. For futher information, visit


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