IFFD 2014 limited edition calendar to be unveiled

Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD) for the very first time is presenting the IFFD Calendar 2014, touted as the first ever limited edition calendar in the country, exploring high end fashion with 14 different designers.
According to a statement issued by IFFD, the calendar will be shot exclusively by photographer Vipin Gaur. It will feature twelve best designers that will have their best designs for every month.


Through his lens Gaur explores the fantasies of each season when presented in the high fashion where every element in each of the shots creates a story of its own.
The twelve photos that make up the 2014 Calendar show different designs and depict high end fashion in all its grandeur. Designers without whom this calendar won’t be possible are  Manoviraj Khosla, Rajdeep Ranawat, Raakesh Agarwal, Niket & Janee, Manish Gupta, Niharika Pandey, Shantanu mehra, Shivani Singh, Rosy Ahluwalia with Jewellery Designer Kavita, Jenjum Gadi, Nitya Bajaj, Sonia Jethely. With his keen eye,Aamer along with IFFD has selected these designers both in terms of their aesthetic rigour and for the recurring references to the art of fashion.
To add to the photography, Aamer Zakir, the renowned International fashion consultant and stylist was roped in to ensure unique styling along with Alps by Bharti Taneja for hair and makeup.  Akassh Aggarwal was responsible for the incredible Jewellery designs and the impressive post production work was done by Parmjit Singh.
Speaking about the first ever limited edition calendar by IFFD, Director, Kiran Kheva, said: “The 2014 IFFD Calendar is a clear expression and Aamer Zakir is its interpreter. Vipin Gaur portrays the 12 designs in sheer simplicity and class.


The real venues were used where high fashion make up by ALPS (Bharti Taneja) simply illuminate the overall scenes. Bringing his own unique stamp jewellery to the project Akassh K Aggarwal helped Vipin to captures the moment to present what is construed as high fashion”.
Avinash Pathania, Founder, Director, IFFD pointed out: “At IFFD we take the most novel ideas and concepts and drive them with passion and creativity and the limited edition IFFD Calendar 2014 is one such idea.


We aimed at creating a calendar which can satisfy the creative urge of collectors and connoisseurs and become a prized possession in the years to come. Calendars since long have become collectible items and this is exactly what we aim to achieve with the annual IFFD limited edition calendar”.
IFFD will be launching this calendar this month by inviting everyone from the industry and this calendar will be made available at an exclusive website iffdcalendar.com.


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