Apollo Tyres, Manchester United Football Club unveil ‘There are no shortcuts’ campaign

Leveraging its three-year high profile partnership with Manchester United Football Club for India and the UK, Apollo Tyres unveiled its corporate advertising campaign covering television, cinema, print, digital and outdoor mediums. The campaign focuses on the shared values of both, Apollo Tyres and Manchester United, of going the distance to achieve the best. This campaign is being launched in India and the UK, according to a statement issued by the tyre maker.
Conceptualised and created by The Brooklyn Brothers, this campaign is an expression of the ‘parallels’ drawn between the journeys of both Apollo Tyres and Manchester United, as they continue to go the distance in the pursuit of great performance. The television commercial is based on a simple but powerful message of the effort, determination and skill required to reach your goal, and that there are no shortcuts to achieving your full potential. The print campaign illustrates the performance, safety, control and endurance requirements on the football field for players and on the tarmac for the tyres.
Commenting on the new campaign launch, Marco Paracciani, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo Tyres Ltd said: “This is one more step towards our journey of making Apollo a globally recognised brand. There are no shortcuts to achieve that goal as there are none to achieve great performance, be it on the road, on a sports pitch, at work or in life in general. Manchester United share the same view; hence we believe we have a very genuine and unique proposition that will resonate strongly with our customers and target audiences”.


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