Zaveri launches coloured stone Cuffs

Zaveri & Co, a well known brand, designs jewellery to compliment an array of Indian and Western ensemble to enhance the look of the wearer. According to a statement issued by the company, contributes towards offering its patrons an outstanding and unique style quotient. This season Zaveri & Co creates a fresh summer look of jewellery that will undoubtedly make an impressive statement at many occasions. So feel fabulous all this summer with Zaveri & Co. wide array of colored stone cuffs.
Boasting to offer its clientele with the best and finest quality of designs, Zaveri & Co. jewellery has a timeless appeal and never fails to attract attention. Zaveri & Co plans to introduce their own special approach to glamour this summer which promises to be gorgeously feminine.  With its lightness and timeless femininity this assortment of cuffs by Zaveri & Co reveals the beauty and strong character of the woman who chooses to wear it. The new collection brings in an inspirational feel to fashion this season. This spectacular line of vibrant and colored stone cuffs assembles of rubies, emeralds and diamonds placed on yellow gold.

Every woman would persist to shine in soaring fashion with Zaveri& Co. This alluring cuff crafted with round and oval shaped diamonds set in Yellow Gold along with the emerald lends a distinctive and impressive look to the wearer.
A picturesque constellation of dazzling white diamonds cast an enchanting spell in this creation with diamonds set in yellow gold, with green enamel and the ruby at the centre forms a peacock cuff.
Zaveri & co has established itself as the high-end jewellery brand, by designing innovative collections, which mainly incorporate diamonds, coloured stones, white gold and yellow gold by providing high quality products which satisfy the aspiration of every Indian woman. Zaveri & Co collection is available at Swagat, CG Road, Ahmedabad 380006 Gujarat, and Contact-079-26426868. For more details Logon to


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