Etoos Academy partners with Motion Education to promote online coaching in India

Etoos Academy, South Korea’s biggest coaching conglomerate, has joined hands with Motion Education, Kota’s fastest growing Institute, to promote online coaching in India. This is a historic moment when education companies from India and South Korea have got into a joint venture, according to an official statement. Both companies are confident that this tie-up will produce a synergy that will maximize the benefits of both parties. The venture will aim to provide top quality of content to students.

Nitin Vijay, MD, Motion Education and Kim Do, Hyeong, MD Etoos Academy.
Motion Education, now in its seventh year, has made rapid strides in JEE Classroom Coaching and is known for its best feedback faculty, unique study material support, student –parent friendly academic system and high student selection ratio. Etoos Academy is known for its knowledge and experience of past 18 years in Online Coaching.
Kim, Do Hyeong, MD Etoos Academy said that his company went through many trial and errors since it entered into Indian market. In Motion and Nitin Vijay, they found the right Academic Partner because of company’s right philosophy to do business in Education sector. Etoos will aim to make Motion Education the best Education Company in India with Etoos’ online platform and know-how.
Nitin Vijay, MD Motion Education said that e-learning is at beginning stage in India. Etoos and Motion with their common vision for future of Education in India will be able to become the number one player in online coaching in India within years years.
The joint venture will offer recorded lectures from best feedback faculty of Motion on high quality technology platform of Etoos. It will start offering online learning products for IIT-JEE from April, 2014 onwards. With this venture, Etoos Academy will offer only online coaching in India with Motion Education as its Academic Partner and Etoos playing the role of Online Education partner.


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