Global Indian International School Noida celebrates Christmas

Global Indian International School Noida held a grand Christmas Carnival for its student, their families and friends to soak in an atmosphere of fun and gaiety, according to a satement issued by the educational institution.


There were food and game stalls crowded by children and adults both, exuberating energy and enthusiasm. The little ones jumped on bouncies, played in the play zone and proudly showed off the tattoos of their favourite characters painted on the back of their hands. Some danced till their feet gave in and others just hopped from one stall to the other. The lovely Santa walked all over the place with a bag full of sweets and little children were more than delighted.
The treat of the carnival were the stalls set up by students of  GIIS Noida as they organized games and sold handmade envelopes. The proceeds went towards helping the SETU Foundation.


The students are sensitized to the needs of these children and were humbled by the whole execution of the entrepreneurial attempt and collecting for their less privileged friends. It is a time of celebration and the best way to do that is to bring a smile to someone’s face. Our learning begins with sharing, caring and recognizing the environment in which we can make a difference. This is the value that children captured through the celebration of Christmas.
Global Indian International School (GIIS) – established under the guiding principles of Global Schools Foundation – is an international network of award-winning institutions, with 21 campuses in 7 countries. Known for their skill-based and learner-centric curricula, GIIS schools offer holistic learning and personality development opportunities for students.
GIIS schools have been honoured with 27 international and national awards over a span of five years for achieving Excellence in School Education. Today, GIIS boasts a strong multicultural student body, as children from diverse nationalities have enrolled across its campuses. Adopting a holistic approach to learning and character development, Global School Nine Gems model is a proprietary tool to achieve a balance between academics and experience, mental and physical development, fine arts and performing arts, language skills and creativity, personality development, ethics and entrepreneurship.


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