7th International Great Lakes-NASMEI conference starts in Bangalore

Great Lakes Institute of management, top B-School in India, inaugurated the 7th International Great Lakes-NASMEI Marketing Conference at its LEED –certified campus yesterday, according to an official statement.

Dr PV Balakrishnan inaugurates the Conference by lighting the lamp, flanked by Dr Balachandran and Dr Bharadwaj S.
North American Society for Marketing Education in India (NASMEI), two-day International conference by the Kotler-Srinivasan Research in Marketing, Great Lakes Institute of Management will witness presentations from Professors and Doctoral students from leading schools in India, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, France and Hong Kong. Around half from are from the US and other countries and the rest from India. The conference is aiming at preparing business ready managers for the industry with knowledge in marketing and with the emerging changes. Professors and doctoral students from universities across globe is presenting 109 papers on different areas of marketing like B2B Marketing, Subsistence Marketing, Green Marketing, Beauty and Marketing, General Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Internet Marketing.
The conference was inaugurated and opened with a welcome note by Dr Bala V Balachandran, Founder and Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management who addressed and welcomed delegates, professors and the students. The conference was graced by Dr PV (Sundar) Balakrishnan, Professor of Marketing, University of Washington, who was the key-mote speaker. In his address, while sharing his insights, said: ‘It is the students’ responsibility to engage in academic communities to transform the firms to partner in knowledge creation’.

From (L-R): Prof Sriram, Dr Balachandran, Dr Balakrishnan and Prof Bharadwaj.
‘The NASMEI conference has gathered an international reputation of being a conference where top marketing and OM scholars are present. Great Lakes will always remain the temple of Education and Learning’, Dr Sundar said, while enthralling the students and the faculty present in the hall with an interactive session held on business and marketing.
Prof Balakrishnan, while emphasizing the importance of perfectionism in management leadership. pointed out: ‘An effective manager and policy maker is evolved through acceptance and the dynamic use of research’.
Bala said: “The Great Lakes 7th NASMEI Conference 2013 is unique as it celebrates the ten years of great success. I perceive 2014-2022 to be landmark year as there are numerous interactive sessions and conferences proposed, to enhance the marketing and management skills of the students through thought leaders sessions and research. NASMEI in its 7th year in a row with over 125 delegates representations from outside India, the conference makes it one of the finest conferences in India and Asia”.
One of the Research Graduates from the US concurred: “Such business conferences help us to get accustomed to the different working culture in different countries. It also helps diminishing the territorial differences and help understanding the market well”.
Great Lakes Institute of Management is a leading B-school in India founded in 2004 by Prof Bala V Balachandran JL Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounting and Information Management Northwestern University, USA . The campus has been built on sprawling 27 acres and is LEED Platinum rated. The institute has academic alliances with Stuart Graduate School of Business USA, Yale University USA., and Nanyang Technical University, Singapore. In a short span of nine years since inception, it is ranked in the Top 10 B Schools of India in 2012 (Outlook and Careers 360).
The institute offers a flagship one year Post Graduate Programme in Management besides a Two year regular Post Graduate Diploma in Management. In addition, for Executives there are two part time programmes to choose besides a Global Executive MBA in Energy Management in association with Bauer college, Houston Texas.
Great Lakes Institute of Management is guided by a Business Advisory Council chaired by Ratan Tata and  comprises of corporate stalwarts like Jamshyd Godrej, S Ramadorai, Kumaramangalam Birla, Narayana Murthy to name a few. The Academic Advisory Council chaired by Dr Bala V Balachandran includes world renowned management gurus including Dr Philip Kotler, Dr Seenu Srinivasan, Dr Raghuram Rajan and Dr Aswath Damodaran amongst others. Godrej is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of  Great Lakes Institute of Management.
Faculty from leading business schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Stuart, Kellogg and Florida teach at the institute. Chinese is a mandatory course for the students at Great Lakes. Eminent personalities like Dr Ratan Tata, Dr Deepak Chopra, (Late) Dr CK Prahalad, Dr YV Reddy, Dr Philip Kotler, Dr Finn E Kydland, Vivek Paul and Rahul Bajaj have visited the institute and have addressed the students.


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