Mood Indigo, annual cultural festival to be held at IIT Bombay Powai from December 20-23, 2013

Mood Indigo or MoodI as it is fondly called, is an annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay. Held towards the end of December, every year, it attracts a whopping 88000 students from 700 colleges all over the country, according to the press statement.
MoodI has been the trend setter for various festivals in the country. This year, the favorite fest is going to be more innovative, more crazy, more creative, more fun and more awesome than ever. Also this year there will be major participation from world over specially South Korea, China, and other south Asian countries etc. Its objective is to be a part of this event is to give the youth a glimpse of our highly uber personalised gifts. Being a prestigious event, it will help us with the desired mileage and help in brand building.

Our gifts are meant for celebration any occasion i.e birthdays, anniversary, graduation, mother’s day, valentine day etc for the near and dear ones. Today gifting is a part of youth’s lifestyle and it believes this will be the right platform to create more awareness about uber personalised gifting vis-a viz personalised /generalised gifting.
The event will have a kiosk where they will display its gifts and also sell them at a discounted rate for the students. This event will be held at IIT Bombay Powai from December 20th-23, 2013. Being one of the key sponsor’s Mood Indigo has distributed some free goodie bags with MI and GiftisAha brand.
“Our aim is to participate more in similar kind of prestigious events and also believe we will get the right set of young people to join our team to build our online portal and take it to the next level”, a senior official said.


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