Audi India surpasses 2012 sales of 9003 cars in November 2013

Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer, has crossed last year’s annual sales of 9003 units within eleven months this year. The brand with the four rings registered a sale of 9146 units in the period January – November 2013, a growth of 13.31 percent (January – November 2012: 8072 units). With this, the company is rapidly closing in on its strategic target of crossing 10,000 units in a calendar year, according to a company statement.
“Despite challenging market conditions, we closed the first eleven months with higher sales than the whole of 2012, thanks to our consistent focus on enhancing our product offering and growing a high quality network. We continue to invest heavily in after sales service – 50% more this year than last year – to enrich the customer experience. The success of these actions is reflected in our growing sales and the year 2013 signifies Audi’s contribution to driving the growth of the luxury car market in India. We are well on track to reach our target of selling 10,000 cars this year. The fundamentals are in place for us to continue the same success in 2014 as well,” said Mr. Joe King, Head, Audi India.


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