Vodafone Foundation to launch the book, ‘Women of Pure Wonder’ in New Delhi on December 4, 2013

In recent times, very few issues have been raised as vociferously in media as that of women empowerment and women’s rights. There have been many reports where women have not been given due recognition, or have been victims and the wronged. In all this gloom, we miss stories of hope, accomplishments and triumphs. However there does exist a parallel universe where women are empowered and defining new stories of success.

Vodafone Foundation, which considers women empowerment a key focus area, takes the opportunity to salute the achievements of sixty such empowered women with the launch of the book – ‘Women of Pure Wonder’, in New Delhi on December 4, 2013. According to a statement issued by the foundation, attempts to chronicle the struggle, survival and ultimate success of these real women, who have extraordinary accomplishments. Vodafone Foundation will donate the proceeds from the sale of the book to empower girls from the Naz Foundation. ‘Women of Pure Wonder’ is the Vodafone Foundation’s tribute to the indomitable spirit of these women, who are a shining example of what a strong will and determination can achieve against the odds.
“We are putting our best foot forward to support a cause dear to our heart and one that empowers generations. All of this effort is incomplete without your support. Please do visit the Facebook page Vodafone Foundation India, follow Twitter handle @VodafoneIN_Fdtn and do share the good word, apart from re-tweeting the hashtag #WomenOfPureWonder and ‘liking’ the Facebook page. Your support in our goal to make every woman feel proud and confident about herself will be of immeasurable help”, added the statement.


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