Greenways Foods & Beverages sign Raveena Tandon to partner Chhota Bheem for Notty Fruit Drink

Greenways Foods & Beverages (D) Pvt Ltd announced its association with Raveena Tandon as the Brand Ambassador for Notty. According to a company statement, actor Raveena Tandon will partner Chhota Bheem and Big J on all Notty related product and brand communication.
Raveena Tandon, happily married with two kids, eight year old Rasha and six year old Ranbirvardhan is the ideal representation for Notty as she understands the requirements of the family and the kids and like any other mother wants to provide the perfect combination of nutrition and enjoyment which will be fulfilled by Notty. Speaking on the occasion Tandon said: “With the fast paced lives we live today, it is very important to give the right nutrition to children and hence when I learnt about the ingredients it contains, like vegetarian DHA, Vitamin A, C, E, and the fact that no synthetic ingredients or stimulants are used in its formulation, I thought why not associate with a brand that I would be more than happy to give to my kids”.
Dr Sachin  Chopda  Managing Director, Greenways Foods & Beverages said: “Raveena’s popularity and stardom is unparalleled. We are sure her personality and life which is the right balance of professional and personal success, style, substance and family orientation will take our brand to greater heights. We are proud and happy to have got her to endorse our brand”.
Vinod Gaikwad General Manager Sales and Marketing, Greenways Foods & Beverages (D) Pvt Ltd said: “Today’s mother is a smart mother. She is independent, educated, aware, computer savvy female who wants to give best to her children. She is concerned about the health needs of her children and acts like a gatekeeper for them. To address her concerns and to meet the taste needs of children we have launched Notty, fruit drink fortified with Vegetarian DHA which helps in brain development and Vitamins A, C and E which helps to increase the immunity of children and keep infections at bay. We are happy to sign Raveena as brand ambassador & feel that she is the perfect choice for Notty as she herself being a mother will better understand the needs and expectations of kids and their parents. We are sure our target audience will be able to connect with her and Notty”.
Errol Marquis, Business Head, Versus Brand Solutions, a Ment Element Group Company, creative and advertising agency of Greenways Foods & Beverages (D) Pvt Ltd added: “Today’s mothers are finding the perfect balance between being authoritative moms and playful friends. Raveena Tandon has found that balance. Like all mothers, she’s concerned about her children’s health but also enjoys being a child with them. Just like our brand NOTTY, a multi-fruit power drink that combines fun-loving delicious taste with vitamins and health benefits. Raveena’s children aged 6 & 8 are in fact the ideal age profile for the brand which is why she is the ideal representation of today’s mother and will be the voice of this modern mom in all our communication”.
Greenways Foods & Beverages (D) Pvt Ltd has positioned Notty as yummy, healthy fruit drink, both nutritious and tasteful. It contains vegetarian DHA and Vitamin A, C, E, and does not contain any kind of synthetic ingredients or stimulants in its formulation. It is a rich source of dietary fibre and vitamins, which make it a healthy substitute keeping in mind the target audience being young children. It is available in four flavours; pink guava, strawberry, mango and multi fruit.
Greenways Foods & Beverages (D) Pvt Ltd is a part of the four decade old, Pune based ‘Pushpam Group’ having interests across F&B, IT, Agriculture and Distribution. Greenways Foods and Beverages (D) Pvt Ltd is geared to become an important player in the Food and Beverage segment through its interesting brand portfolio targeted at the ‘Indian with changing tastes’. Greenways Foods & Beverages (D) Pvt Ltd will identify the evolution and change in patterns of consumption in India and will create products and brands to cater to that changing need.


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