promises cash back rewards worth Rs 1 crore through Used Car Dhamaal offer

As the year end nears and temperatures dip down, promises to keep the heat up by adding that extra zing to your festivities. The leading auto portal with the largest collection of used car inventory, promises to offer great deals to buyers this festive season with their Used Car Dhamaal Offer, where cash back rewards of up to Rs 1,00,000* are up for grabs at every purchase of a pre-owned car, according to a company statement.
The Used Car Dhamaal offer works on a simple vote based system and requires prospective used car buyers to tap into their social network. To enjoy cash back benefits, all that the buyers have to do is get votes for their campaigns from friends and acquaintances. Buyers start their campaign at and use their network to spread the word. More the friends who register their support, greater the cash back buyer can avail. Different cash values are attached to corresponding number of votes; therefore a customer needs a minimum number of votes to cross each threshold and move up the Cash back ladder. Bringing in the first of its kind cash back campaign for used cars in India, CEO Umang Kumar said: “We are extremely pleased to announce the Used Car Dhamaal Offer for our customers. The Used car market is poised to double in size within the next four years and December tends to be one of the most active months for used car sales. With this innovative campaign we are hoping to tap into customer demand this festive season and ensure all our customers get great deals on purchasing used cars through the platform”.
The month-long campaign launches on 3rd December 2013 and is likely to draw close on 31st December 2013 or until  a cash back of Rs 1 crore is disbursed. The last day to finalise the used car you wish to purchase with the cashback will be January 31, 2014.
Prospective Car Buyers can register for the Car Dhamaal offer by following these four easy steps:

1. Register yourself and start your campaign by visiting

2. Send out emails and social invites asking your friends to vote for you.

3. Get maximum number of friends to vote for your campaign

4. Redeem your votes for guaranteed cash back and purchase your car.

*Terms and conditions apply is India’s leading online automotive marketplace bringing together car buyers and car sellers.  New car buyers can research their car purchase while Used car buyers can browse through the largest collection of inventory online.  Launched in May 2008, it was acquired by IbiboGroup (a subsidiary of South African media giant Naspers) in February 2011. is one of the most reliable resources for new car research in India, providing users with information (specifications, features, pricing, news), opinions (editorial reviews, user reviews, user ratings, video reviews) and tools (recommendation engines, car comparators, dealer locators etc.). Users can make an informed decision using these tools before requesting a price quote and booking a test drive.’s  used  car  marketplace  is  the  best  in  online  space  with  comprehensively  curated  and photographed  stock  of  used  cars.  It  provides  a  transparent  and  reliable  platform  for  used  car  listings with detailed information for used car buyers.


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