Nischal Zaveri, when passion becomes business

Passionate Singer, song writer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, Music Producer and Managing Director of ENZY Studios, the first venture by Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Entertainment, that is Nishchal Zaveri for you.
Nishchal Zaveri’s passion towards music and love for India has led in conceptualizing and bringing to life “ENZY Studios” the state of the art music recording, and pre/post production Studio which can boast of being one of the India’s building stone of Musical infrastructure. It is the only studio which paints hope with the brush stoke of stardust for the upcoming artist and an achievable arrangement for musician. He chose to come back to India and give all his best where it belonged.
Introduced to music by his grandfather Padmashree Kishorebhai Zaveri, at the young age of 2, with the unusual gift of Tabla, Nishchal chose never to look back. His Guru Mr. VP Mishra mentored Nishchal and at the age six he pursued his passion in Hindustani Classical music vocals (Pt. Bhimsen Joshi’s Kirana Gharana). The child prodigy and India’s star talent, Nishchal, took his training in Hindustani Classical Vocals and Tabla from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad (Prabhakar). He also studied Piano at KM Music Conservatory, Chennai (A.R.Rahman’s Institute).
He relishes experimenting with music and playing all-Western and Indian kind of musical instruments like Tabla, Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums. As a producer Nishchal Zaveri believes in using his unique compositional manner to produce quality music and as an artist he wants to keep the soul of music alive and inspire people as he shares his stories.
There are a lot of stories to be unfolded from why music, to why India to getting the most required love and support from the India’s leading jeweller family.


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