Amitabh Bachchan tweets, ’24 carat gold jewellery is not possible, Prima Gold says it is’

Legendary superstar Amitabh Bachchan recently took to twitter stating that “24 carat gold cannot be made into jewellery. Only 22-carat and less can. This is empowerment initiative for Kalyan Jewellers”.

With a view to factually educate customers, Prima Gold would like to spread the word that 24kt gold jewelry is possible and has been made possible by Prima Gold – India’s first 24k-99.9 percent pure gold jewellery brand, says a company statement.
Naraen M Tejwani, Managing Director, Pranda Jewellery said: “It was brought to my notice that Mr.Bachchan had stated this on his twitter profile. Keeping in mind that he is one of India’s most respected opinion leaders, I would like to say that the Pranda Group has been marketing 24k gold jewelry in India and worldwide by the brand name Prima Gold. We just want to put this misconception to rest, as using some of the most advanced techniques, it is possible to mould 24 kt 99.9 pecent pure gold into statement jewelry pieces”.
With a Thai heritage of four decades, Prima Gold is a global brand from the Pranda Group – a company synonymous with 24k – 99.9 percent high quality jewellery production, by use of state of the art modern techniques is truly the quintessence of luxury for every day. Available at exclusive Prima Gold stores in Mumbai. For further details you can visit


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