Kemps Corner Crossword Bookstore hosts launch of Varun Gwalani’s novel, ‘Believe it or Not’

Leadstart Publishing and Crossword Bookstore hosted the book launch of Debut Author, VarunGwalani’s novel ‘Believe’ on 25th November, 2013. According to a press statement, the event was held at the Kemps Corner Crossword Bookstore and the novel ‘Believe’ was released by Award Winning Director and Screenwriter ShyamBenegal which was a grand success.
It was a splendid evening as Benegal spoke about his journey and experience as a writer himself as well as read excerpts from the book which was revered in rapt attention. According to the Author VarunGwalani, this novel is fiction tale that evolves from the depth of our being and the true calling on our lives, it is a story of finding one’s self in this world of confusion and chaos. The event was truly moving as the guests listened with enthusiasm and awe at the presence that Mr.Benegal embodied and the story telling ability of the young and vibrant Author VarunGwalani.
Swarup Nanda, CEO of Leadstart Publishing said: “Leadstart Publishing is always on the hunt for new literary talent who aspire to share their tales for the world to witness. VarunGwalani is a bright young author with a glorious future ahead and we are glad to have it kick-start with Leadstart! We sincerely thank Mr.ShyamBenegal for gracing us at the event”.

Have you ever felt that special kind of happiness that comes when you’re doing something that makes you feel like you’re truly in touch with your inner self? Imagine yourself in the peaceful, happy state doing that something special that makes you feel fulfilled, feel like you’re doing what you were born to do.Now imagine yourself torn from there, imagine every work you’ve ever done claimed to be the cause of misery for every person you love and imagine that the work you were doing might now not be the work you were born to do. Experience that for a minute.Now you know a little of how Conner White felt. This revelation led Conner White to the small town of Levion, where he sought to find himself. There he met Victoria, a young girl who was fighting her own inner demons.Soon, however, dark secrets are exposed all around, and Conner has to fight not just to save himself, but Victoria and the town of Levion as well.Believe provides you with a story that not only grips you, but provides you with insight into the very nature of our own beliefs.

VarunGwalani is an 18-year old resident of Mumbai, studying Arts in Jai Hind College. He’s been an avid reader all his life. Some of his favourite authors include Paulo Coelho, J.K. Rowling, George Orwell and O.Henry. Varun has always dreamed of being an author with the ability to tell a story that will fascinate and engage the reader. Over a period of three years, he has written a collection of over fifty short stories.This is his first published work.


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