Vivek Mishra says Candy Brar has lost her mental imbalance

After the eviction of the naked yoga trainer Vivek Mishra, the Bigg Boss house ,the one who benefitted from the same is Candy brar, who has come in the limelight after vivek took her name,Instead of being thankful, she is finding flimsy resons to garner publicity. One of them being Candy Brar alleges that she threw out vivek from  sunburn party, which is so untrue says vivek mishra: “I had four passes of show man lounge,the passes were given to me by their office itselfand why I need to gate crash?


When  she looked at me and got so uncomfortable that she had the guts to spoil her own company’s event and create a scene ,when the staff approached I showed passes, they moved away Candy still didn’t rest she sent another team saying this exclusive Area whereas the passes i had were of the exclusive area,but I ignored and moved to a  different area she didn’t settle down,her restlessness was apparent with the she behaved,if I wanted I could have taught her a lesson but I believe in dignity so ignored but she is so publicity savvy that she went ahead and did a media release and then I decided she doesn’t deserve my ignorance but a lesson.
Apparently Candy Brar in one of her interviews before her entry mentioned of choking Vivek Mishra to which the latter laughs of, he says: “If it wasn’t for me, Candy Brar would not have been approached by the Bigg Boss house. Isn’t it obvious that Candy (Read as: – Kushal’s ex flame) has been roped by the channel at the time when Kushal and Guahar’s proximity is the hot topic of discussion amongst the housemates and on social networking sites. She must consider thanking me instead of choking me”. Vivek Mishra cannot get himself to digest the fact of him being talking about the incident: ‘I am ignoring but I wish she could mind her own business’.
Vivek Mishra, all fresh and chirpy after his exit from the Bigg Boss house adds: “As I said earlier  Candy Brar makes the most of the fame she happened to acquire because of my mentioning her, she is enjoying the fame and can go to any extent seems now”.


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