presents its new Ad Campaign, India Trusted Online Jeweller, presents its new Ad campaign, ‘It’s a Great Time to be me’ keeping in mind that women in different contexts have unique needs from the jewellery category. The category needs of a women entrepreneur would be different from that of a woman working in a creative role and the category needs of a banking professional would be different to that of a school teacher. The new campaign interestingly showcases the range of contemporary designs from, which is also an indication of the role that plays in the life of a woman, says a company statement.


It opens with an elegantly dressed woman, leaving the house with a song in her heart, followed by a dancer who is in the middle of her routine, a woman in a restaurant being complimented by her friend, another woman admiring herself in a car, a self-assured wildlife photographer and a playful painter. We see close-ups of accessories bought from and worn by these women, along with price boxes that displays their actual prices, as they go about their everyday lives in poetic fashion. The lilting tune of ‘Main hoon woman, it’s a great time to be me’ plays on in the background, giving the entire film, an almost ethereal feel.

It brings out the uniqueness associated with the brand’s offering while rendering it a contemporary flair. The execution is very chic, modern and show cases the brand as an option for the one who is seeking not just a piece of jewellery but a mood enhancer. The ‘surprising prices’ acts as a subtle yet compelling call to action from the campaign adding a sense of irresistibility and urgency to check it out on


Calvin John, VP Marketing,, said: “The intention was to create a transactional-range film, which would showcase as a chic and affordable option to urban, independent Indian women from different walks of life – Chic with respect to design sensibilities / aesthetics; and affordability as in great value. The film focuses on showcasing our beautiful range of jewellery with extreme close-ups and prices, set against a backdrop that is both premium and contemporary.


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