Rane Brake Lining achieves Deming Grand Prize 2013

The Chennai based auto component major, Rane Brake Lining Ltd (RBL) today was awarded the prestigious Deming Grand Prize 2013 at a glittering ceremony held at Tokyo, Japan. PS Rao, President, Rane Brake Lining Limited received the DGP award from Masahiko Sakane, Vice-Chairman, Deming Prize Committee on behalf of L Ganesh, Chairman, Rane Group, according to a company statement. The DGP win marked a glorious new chapter in RBL’s Excellence Journey towards achieving its Vision of being the global supplier of choice in friction material.


RBL now joins the elite group of 26 other companies world over and 7 other companies from India who have previously won this prestigious and the highest award in Total Quality Management (TQM). RBL also gets the distinction of being the first friction material company in the world to have won this award. With this prize, RBL becomes the third company from the Rane Group to have won DGP, making Rane Group the 1st Group in the world to have 3 DGP awards consecutively outside Japan and also the distinction of being the 2nd Group in the world to have won more than 2 DGP awards.

On RBL winning the prestigious DGP, L. Ganesh, Chairman, Rane Group, said: “This distinction of being the 1st Group outside Japan to have won 3 consecutive DGP awards is a great moment of pride and joy for each and every one in the Rane Group. This DGP reiterates our commitment to Total Quality Management and further propels us with greater momentum for the future”.

Acknowledging the award, PS Rao, President, Rane Brake Lining Limited, said: “This great milestone for RBL was made possible by the total involvement and commitment of each and every employee of RBL towards TQM. RBL had the distinction of the first company from Rane Group to have won the Deming Application Prize and today it holds the distinction of being the first friction material company in the world to have won the DGP. This catapults RBL to a new league altogether and marks another step in its journey towardsExcellence”.

Instituted as Japan Quality Medal and today called as The Deming Grand Prize is acclaimed as the highest award given to a company following Total Quality Management (TQM) practices. It recognizes improvements in overall Quality and achievement of excellence in business processes and results. The award was established in October 1969 in Tokyo to commemorate the first International Conference on Quality Control (ICQC). Till date, only 26 companies have won this prestigious award world over.

Rane Brake Lining Limited (RBL), part of the Rane Group, is a Rs. 380 crore (FY 2012-13) and leading global supplier of friction material, supplying to every segment of automobile industry. RBL has a JV with Nisshinbo Brakes Inc. Japan, for know-how in asbestos free brake linings, disc pads and clutch facings.

Established in 1929, the Rane Group comprises seven companies manufacturing safety and critical components for a broad range of automotive industry segments. In fiscal 2012-13 the group recorded revenues of Rs.2990Crores. The Rane Group embraces TQM as a way of life and four of its companies have received the coveted Deming Prize.


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