Adventure Island Delhi lists out adventurous activities to partake in and not miss out the fun

Amusement parks are the ultimate in adrenaline high pumping fun, the place you head to if you want to let yourself have undiluted fun and enjoyment.


Rides that get you to experience gut-wrenching inversions and fast movement that hurtle you around with a pull up to 4 Gs. The names of the rides are so formidable, that you sometimes need to be coaxed to try them. Where your legs turn to jelly watching people scream not with fear but delight. To experience all this you don’t need to head to Singapore, Disneyland or Paris its right here for you in Delhi. As the Indian amusement parks today can indeed lure the adventure and enjoyment seeking customers with their innovative ideas. For visitors both young and the youthful at heart NCR has the best places to head to if you want to have undiluted fun and share an entertaining evening with your family, friends and colleagues.

Ranked among the largest in India, Delhi’s world-class Amusement Park-Adventure Island lists out the fun and adventurous activities to partake in and not miss out the fun, when visiting an amusement park.

Magic Shows


Away from the mechanical, predictable and monotonic routine, wonders of magic shows take you to a completely different, unpredictable, yet exciting world. Beware ….. Even your chair, can turn into a vamp here.



If you like some rush of adrenaline, crafty acrobats can surely provide you with a few shots with their breath-taking body moves and precision. Many a times, you will have your heart in your mouth.

Dance shows


Packaging art in a maverick wrapper to entertain and enthral the audience is key to an amusement park’s appeal. Hence, you find shows like MAD i.e. Magic Acrobats and Dancing for families visiting here.



Right from a conventional flat screen show to hi-tech 5 D shows where you just don’t watch the show but become a part of on-screen snowfall, earthquake or whirl wind, amusement parks provide an unparalleled theatre experience to the visitors.


Swing, swerve and have a thrilling experience on larger-than-life size rides.

Food and beverage

Won’t you feel the need for a delicious and rejuvenating meal after going through all the frolics. You can take care of your calories refill with the sinfully awesome delicacies.

Stunt Shows

Most of us have witnessed, clapped, whistled at stunt shows during village fares. Amusement parks are carrying the same legacy forward by organizing several theme based stunt shows.


Many amusement parks allow you to experience the feeling of floating in their man-made lakes. You may be with your family, friends or someone special, the onboard moments will surely create everlasting memories.


Sidewinder, Twister, Flip Out and many entertaining and crazy activities like Zorbing, Zipline and Burma Bridge to Velcro wall, Multivine, Bosun chairs and dirt cycling are a few must-tries.


Spread across 62 acres of prime land in Delhi, Adventure Island is an extensively landscaped theme park complete with a lake, a lagoon, fountains, water rides, engaging activities, entertaining productions, rain dance, boating, camping, shopping, fine dining, international cuisines, hygienic Indian street food and more. It also has a large 1000 seat amphitheatre called The Toon Area and a parking space than can accommodate 1700 cars and 60 buses. Adventure Island is a virtual world you can escape into. Every time you visit this park you can find new ways to create lasting memories, year after year.


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