Hyundai Driving Academy launched at Taramani in Chennai

Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF), the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Hyundai Motor India Limited, today launched the Hyundai Driving academy in Chennai at Taramani, in association with Institute of Road Transport (IRT) as part of Skill Development initiatives. This unique initiative will provide training to underprivileged youth, free of cost and train aspiring drivers from the general public at subsidised rates. HMIF will invest Rs 30 lakh in the first year and Rs. 20 lakhs in the subsequent years for training and targets to train atleast 100 underprivileged boys and 100 general students, according to a company statement.


Photo (L-R): V Ramesh, General Manager, General Affairs,  BW Ryu, Executive Director (Admin), HMIL;  R Sethuraman, Trustee, Hyundai and MD for Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) and S Murugan, Director, Institute of Road Transport.
The focus of the academy is road safety and hence the students will not only be taught driving in various road conditions like S bend, L bend, parking lanes, 4 track road, two track road, eight bend lanes, single lane driving, etc. but also the correct rules and regulations for safe driving.


This training will consist of ten hours of practical and five hours of theory classes, for the general public. Further students can customize the training schedule as per their convenience. The underprivileged students will be provided a comprehensive training including driving, sessions on car maintenance, spoken English, etiquettes, yoga and basic finance. This course will be conducted in two batches of five hours each where students will be given twenty hours of practical training and another 20 hours of theory classes. At the end of the session, all students will be assisted to obtain their driving licence. The operations will be scaled up depending upon the demand.
As a part of this initiative, HMIF has also upgraded the IRT facilities by improving the class rooms and other facilities like computer, projector, printers etc. at the cost of Rs 15 lakh. In addition to that, manpower support will be provided to run the academy. This initiative is in addition to the existing training facility at the HMIL factory where The Hyundai Driving School, has already trained over 400 rural youths in driving and work shop training, free of cost.
Speaking on the occasion, BW Ryu, Executive Director, HMIL said: “Hyundai is not only committed to making its vehicles one of the safest in the auto industry, but also committed to impart expert training to promote responsible driving. This academy will help new car buyers and the existing car owners to learn the nuances of driving in all terrains and conditions. Another important aim of launching this academy is to cater to the needy youth in the city, thereby enhancing their skills and gain employment. The existing Hyundai Driving School at the factory premises will continue to serve the rural youth in and around Kancheepuram”.
R Sethuraman, Trustee HMIF added: “At HMIF, our initiatives are always focussed on the basic requirements of the community. Our existing driving school has already empowered more than 400 young men to acquire gainful jobs. Some trainees even have their own fleet of cars and are running successful transport businesses. I am sure, the newly launched Hyundai Driving Academy will empower hundreds more, in the days to come”.
Hyundai Motor India Foundation was formed on April 10, 2006. Born out of the need to provide structured support to community development, HMIF aims to uplift the larger section of the society. HMIF is involved in various CSR projects on road safety, community development, education, arts and culture etc


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